Pantene Pro V Repair & Protect Hair Care

Pantene Pro V Repair & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner

Pantene Pro V Repair and protect hair care

I’ve been using Pantene’s Pro V Repair and Protect shampoo and conditioner for about a month now.

I received a sample of both of these from I don’t remember where.  It was just sitting along with some other little samples that I have in a big tote bag.

I decided to give it a try because I’m trying to go through all my samples to make more room in my woman’s cave.

I automatically fell in love with these.

I put my hair up in a bun everyday for work and I must have every strand of hair in place to look professional and neat in my military uniform.  I hate seeing loose strands in females hairdos while we’re in uniform.  So for me to keep my place looking flawless, I put in Sauve’s Natural Infusion Awapuhi Strengthening leave-in cream to keep my strands at bay.  That also means that there’s left in product in my hair that builds up for a couple of days because I don’t wash my hair everyday.  Meaning that I need a good shampoo to clean my strands of any left over products.

The first time I used Pantene’s Pro V Repair and Protect shampoo and conditioner, it left my hair weightless, shiny, and clean!

I instantly fell in love.  I went out to Walmart to buy the full-size versions.  Not just the regular full-sized versions but the family sized bottles.  That’s how much I loved it.

The shampoo bottle comes with a pump that dispenses the perfect amount for me and my hair is super thick and long.  My hair is half way down between my bum.

I feel the shampoo wash out my leave-in cream and makes my hair clean.

After I shampoo, I go ahead and use a quarter-size amount of the conditioner and work it through my hair and finger comb through my hair for all my loose strands and I do what all typical women do and collect them and put them on my shower wall until I’m done with my shower. I make sure I throw all those bad boys away because I don’t want any company looking in my bathroom all crazy like.

I normally let my hair air dry unless I’m about to style it.  When my hair is finished air drying, it feels so weightless and airy!  I also pull on my strands to see how healthy and strong they are.  I put my hair through some serious heat and styling at times, so I make sure I use products that will keep my hair healthy and strong.

My daughter loves using them too.  Hence, me buying the family sized bottles.  That’s one thing about having teenaged daughters, they love using YOUR stuff and they tend to not tell you when something has run out until it’s too late and you’re in the shower wet and naked just staring at the emptiness of your bottles.  I feel your pain mommas! I feel your pain!

If you’re looking for a new shampoo and conditioner set, I highly recommend Pantene’s Pro V Repair and Protect set!

If you’ve tried it, let me know your experience with them.

Until next time Dolls…


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