Perfect Chic Pink and Grey Nail Polish Pairing

Perfect Chic Pink and Grey Nail Polish Pairing with Essie

Essie Chinchilla and Essie Ballet Slippers

I received an email from CVS for a 20% Off my total order and I’ve been wanting to purchase the Amope for a while so I took my little happy butt to CVS and filled up my hand carry cart with that baby.  Then I had to browse the nail polishes and saw the Essie nail polishes and Chinchilly and Ballet Slippers caught my eyes.

I wanted to do my nails a little different this time so I grabbed those babies and happily paid 20% less than I normally would.  Thank you very much CVS awards card! 😘

First thing I did when I got home was take off my current nail polish that I had on and cleaned my nails off with my favorite nail polish remover Zoya Remove+.  It’s seriously tha business when it comes to nail polish removers!

I don’t use Essie nail polishes that often.  I really don’t know when the actual last time I used one for that matter.

I chose Essie Ballet Slippers and Essie Chinchilly to pair together.

Essie Ballet Slippers is an award-winning, best-selling classic pale pink with a sheer finish and Essie Chinchilly is a sleek granite grey shade.

Essie Ballet Slippers gave me a hard time because it is a sheer and I’m more of an opaque type of chic.  I had to use 3 coats to get it how I wanted.  With that, I kept smudging it and had to start over several times. Urg.  Totally my fault because when I bought it, I didn’t know it was suppose to be a sheer.  So if you know of a great pale pink that’s cream based, please let me know!

I painted my Hook ’em Horn fingers and my thumbs with Essie Ballet Slippers and then painted my middle and ring fingernails with Essie Chinchilly nail polish.

Essie Chinchilly is a grey with slight purple undertones and gave me no problems at all because that is a opaque cream finish.  Thank God!  I was seriously getting so frustrated with having to keep redoing my nails with the Ballet Slippers nail polish.  It wouldn’t settle evenly or dry quick enough for me to apply my top coat but finally it cooperated with me.  The nail gods must of seen my frustration.

I finally got them how I had envisioned them.

Essie Ballet Slippers

How do you think they came out?

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3 comments on “Perfect Chic Pink and Grey Nail Polish Pairing

  1. Wow! The colors look beautiful! The pink is very light! I like more brighter pink colors! 🙂 I love the grey! Great pairing of colors!

    I love saving at the drugstores too!

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