Perfect Off-White Nail Polish- Essie Limo Scene

Essie Limo Scene

Now Essie describes Limo-Scene as “a sheer pastel pink, perfect for french manicures,” but I think it’s more of a sheer off white that is buildable to an opaque off white.

I’m more of an opaque type of nail polish hoarder. I’ve kept seeing pictures on Instagram and Pinterest of nails that have a milky manicure but could never get the nails of the polishes that they’ve used. So, I headed to my Sally’s Beauty store and played around until I found the one that most resembles the pictures that I’ve been eyeing and found Essie’s Limo-scene.

I love white nail polishes but find they can be a bit bold. I wanted a soft white that would go great with my skin tone during the spring/summer months that would still pop out and get your attention but not as bold as a pure white.

As with all Essie sheer nail polishes that I’ve used, the first coat can get streaky but as you coat it with a second coat it evens out. I used three coats to get it to how I like it, which is opaque. Then I finished it off by applying my new-found favorite Seche Vive gel effect top coat. The combination really makes it look like I’ve just came from the nail salon.  It’s an elegant and classy look alone or you can use this doing a french manicure. I think I’ll do that this coming up weekend. Unfortunately, I can’t wear this during the week in my uniform but come the weekends or when I’m off of work on vacation/staycations, I can rock this nail polish out!

Essie Limo Scene nail polish

I’m also still loving my coffin-shaped nails. I don’t know why it took me this long to try this shape out.

Essie Limo Scene

What do y’all think about Essie’s Limo-scene shade? It’s going to be a repeat purchase for me.

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