Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash – Worst acne breakout EVER

Worst acne breakout caused by Philosophy’s Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash

Philosophy exfoliating wash

 Now this is only my personal experience with this product.   If it works for you, that’s awesome. 

I’ve heard the brand Philosophy has amazing products.  So when I was at Sephora a couple weeks ago I was looking for a good gentle everyday facial exfoliator.  I saw and read the bottle of the Philosophy and decided to get it.

The first few days I loved the feel of the micro thingies in it.  But then the ugly truth set in play.  My chin, the sides of my chin, and the right side of my cheek started getting those super sensitive,  feels like it’s connected to all the nerves on your face, huge cystic acne spots.  It looks like fire ants went to town on my face on those spots.  Now I get the occasional hormonal breakout the week before I start my monthly, but this was not during that time period and definitely not this type of acne.

I still haven’t left my house other than to go to the store to grab a couple of things.  I cant even cover these with a good concealer.

I did a search online and discovered that I’m not the only person that this had happened too.

This isn’t one of those acne products that is suppose to make your acne purge.

I’m definitely taking this product back to Sephora for an exchange for another product.

I will NEVER EVER purchase this again or recommend it to anyone.

So, if it works for you, that’s awesome but it sure did NOT work for me.

Now I’m back to the drawing board in searching for a good gentle exfoliating face wash.  I did like the way the exfoliating particles felt so if there’s another brand that has the same feel but won’t break me out to the point I don’t want to leave the house, please leave a suggestion.

What’s a good one out there that you can suggest? And please don’t say Philosophy.

Please please please, let me know of some good exfoliating washes out there.

Until next time Dolls




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6 comments on “Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash – Worst acne breakout EVER

  1. I used this product before too and I broke out heavily. I believe it was to harsh for my skin (I have combination, oily T-zone) The BEST product to use for a “gentle” exfoliation is Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant! As an esthetician, I recommend this product. It is a chemical exfoliant so you do not feel the harsh feeling of scrubbers from a physical exfoliant, and it has rice mill so you can you it daily. Not only does it exfoliate, it brightens your skin as well. I love this product! Just thought I would share! 🙂

  2. Mary Kay has a microdermabrasion that is awesome, but it’s not for everyday use. I use mine once a week, but others use it twice a week. It’s like a spa treatment at home.

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