Product Review eos hand lotion

EOS Hand Lotion Product Review

Now y’all know that I was late in the game with the whole eos movement. I fell in love with their lil spear lip balms and I’m now addicted to those lil suckers.
I saw they also have hand lotions!
I purchased mine from Target.
These are perfect to keep in your purse or gym bags or even in your vehicles for all of us that are on-the-go.

With it still being cold and freezing in some places, we need to make sure we keep our hands moisturized.  You don’t want to walk around looking gorgeous and ruin your looks with cracked hands.

Product Review eos hand lotion


The one I bought is Berry Blossom.

The lotion itself is white and creamy.  You don’t need to use a lot at all. Just a lil pea-size will do.

Just rub it on your hands while giving yourself a lil hand massage, then cup your hands up to your nose and sniff in the light aroma to relax a lil bit.

These, just like the lip balms are addictive!

It just melts and soaks into your skin and is not greasy at all.

On the package it came in, it states:

The delightful nourishing hand lotion.  A combination of velvety softness and refreshing,  light fragrance,  eos hand lotion is packed with nourishing shea butter, aloe, oats and antioxidants to keep your heads beautiful, soft, and smooth.

  • 24 hour moisture
  • Fast-Absorbing & non-greasy
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 96% natural
  • Paraben-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • No animal by-products

Product Review eos hand lotion

If you love the eos lip balms, you’re gonna fall in love with the eos hand lotions.  But, if you’re not looking to get addicted to yet another beauty product,  then I suggest you get this.

Are you addicted to eos products?

Which ones are your favorite?

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