Red Apple Lipstick Lip Exfoliator Review

Red Apple Lipstick Exfoliating Stick™

Want soft, smooth, perfect kissable lips? Has the winter months sucked the hydration out of your lips? With social media going crazy with selfies, who wants to see a selfie shot of someone who has dry flaky lips?

Lets face it, when we meet someone of the opposite sex, one of the things we check out is their smile. If they’re chapped, it’s a big turn off for me. I don’t know about you, but I just want to reach in my purse or pocket and hand them something to fix it.

Just like any other skin care process, don’t forget about your lips. This year I’ve really set out to take better care of my skin. I’ve been trying out new skin care products and I myself have fallen victim of not thinking about exfoliating a focal point of my face, My Lips!

Red Apple Lipstick was kind enough to send me their Exfoliating Stick.

Red Apple Lipstick


The benefits of exfoliating our lips:

  • Getting rid of dead skin
  • Prevents our lips from peeling and chapping
  • Smoother and healther appearance
  • Lipsticks glides on smoother
  • Makes our lipsticks stay on longer. Meaning less reapplying throughout the day

The ingredients of Red Apple Lipstick Exfoliating Stick

ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride, kaolin, jojoba seed, cera alba, candelilla wax, stearlkoniuim hectorite, propylene carbonate

Red Apple LipstickRed Apple Lipstick

One of the reasons that I love this product is that it’s also free of polutants such as parabens, gluten based derivitves, petroleums and it is 100% vegan!

Let’s get into on how to get the perfect pout!

The first and most important step is exfoliating!

Exfoliating should be part of our daily routine. Just like when we wash our face and exfoliate, we’re getting rid of all the dead cells/skin and refreshing our look.

  • After I brush my teeth, I grab my exfoliating stick.
  • I apply it on my lips and also a little outside of my natural lipline.
  • I massage my lips with my finger in a soft circular motion all around.
  • Wipe it off with a moist cloth
  • Apply a lip moisturizer
  • Then apply my lipstick, lipgloss, or both.

The reason I apply the Exfoliating Stick a little outside my natural lipline is that I want to make sure that my lipstick doesn’t bleed into those vertical lines.

After using the Red Apple Lipstick Exfoliating Stick, I’ve noticed that my lips are more plump, smoother, healther looking, and I don’t have to reapply my lipsticks as much throughout the day.

Did I mention that Red Apply Lipstick believes in their products so much that they also have a 6 month, no questions asked return policy?

What other cosmetic company offers that?

Let’s just say, I don’t see myself ever returning this! I have been in the dark about exfoliating my lips and now I have seen the light!

Red Apple Lipstick


Now, what are you waiting for?

Get 15% Off on your order at Red Apple Lipstick and Enter code: IWANTMORE

Go out and try it and be sure to send me your selfies sporting a new, fresher, smoother perfect pout!

Tweet me your perfect pouts at: @FilipinaBarbie @RedAppleLipsticks #PerfectPoutSelfie

Can’t wait to see your results! 

Until next Time Dolls……





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