Relaxing with Aveda’s Light the Way Candle

In the spirit of Earth Month, I went and picked me up one of Aveda’s Light the Way candles.

Aveda Light the Way candle

For the past 9 years, Aveda has made Light your Way candles to celebrate Earth Month.  Each candle that is sold, 100% of the $12 retail price supports Global Greengrants Fund water-related projects.  How awesome is that?!

So, as I relax here being totally lazy and catching up on my Lifetime movies, I know that my money is going towards something that is helping communities around the world.

Aveda Light the Way candle

Yes, I love my Lifetime drama packed movies! I love catching up on Sundays being lazy and just relax in my pj’s.

Aveda’s Light your Way candle is a warm, spicy aroma with certified organic ginger and ginger lily grown in India. 100% of the purchase price helps protect water for animals, kids and the environment that we all love and enjoy.

I love Aveda products and this candle is just a great little addition to my living room coffee table that just sets the mood perfectly to relax.
Aveda Light the Way candle
Aveda Light the Way candle

It’s just the perfect size to add in my decorative container.

Aveda Light the Way candle

You can get your Aveda Light your Way candles and support Earth Month by purchasing one and knowing that it’s going towards a great cause, our Earth’s and our kid’s future!

You can get them at your local Aveda salons and Aveda’s Website.

How are you celebrating Earth Month?

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