Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Cuticle Oil Pen

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Cuticle Oil Pen

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Cuticle oil pen

I’m glad I found this baby at Target! as you all may know I love to do my fingernails. I paint the constantly. I am like OCD when it comes to my fingernails.having my finger nails polished just makes me feel just a little more feminem.during the week, I’m all that doubt in my Air Force uniform. So when it comes to having a little individuality in my uniform I like to have my hair up in a certain way, a little bit of makeup on my face, and most definitely have my nails polished.

I feel extremely happy anytime that I’m hoping someone and they complement my fingernails. I try my damndest to make sure that I keep them nice, polished, healthy looking, and filed.

One of the great things about the Sally Hansen maximum growth cuticle pen is that you can throw it in your purse or even keep it in your pocket for any time that you just want to whip it out and start oiling up your cuticles.

It has a semi-almond like aroma to it.

It soaks into your skin and cuticles which is good because you don’t want to be running around with oily fingertips.

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Cuticle oil pen

This is what Sally Hansen has to say about this beautiful product.

  • Helps promote healthy-looking cuticles and nails instantly
  • Deeply hydrates and seals in moisture
  • Purse portable!
  • Nourishes dry, rough cuticles! Innovative Pen Applicator with no-mess, no-spill brush tip, delivers just the right amount of moisture treatment just where you want it.

I’ve been blessed, I don’t know how, but my nails tend to be super strong and grow super fast. So fast that I have to file them down every week before I go to work. In the military we have to have our nails no longer than 1/4″ past the fingertip.

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Cuticle Pen is by far the best one, especially for the price that I’ve purchased. Plus I love the fact that I can keep them anywhere around me. I can keep them in my drawers, at the office, in my purse, and in my pocket if I want too.

For only $7, this is a great on-the-go, take with you anywhere you please cuticle pen.

How do you take care of your cuticles and nails?



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