Some Things I Want To Accomplish This Year

Some Things I Want To Accomplish This Year

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It’s a new year and we always make plans to do something different and hope that we can stick to it.

Last year I didn’t do this because I totally suck at making plans, so this year I decided to start small and at least I have a whole year to accomplish them. As you can tell, I’m already late because it’s already February. It’s the “Filipino Time” curse I tell you! 😃

I’ve come up with 8 things off the top of my head that I think is doable.

Re-do my Woman’s Cave (aka Beauty Room)
I haven’t moved anything in my woman’s cave for 2 years! I have my eyes on a few things from IKEA that I want to get.

Get better at posting blog posts (Post at least one post a week)
Last year I was sporadic what it came to posting. I have all these ideas in my head and I take the pictures but then I’m like a squirrel so if something catches my eyes or a show comes on or if my kiddos want to do something, then I get to doing that stuff and all of a sudden it’s time for bed. I need to get in the habit to set aside some time each week to plan and just get to writing.

Purchase one new item for my home each month
With my woman cave in mind, this will be easy to achieve. Plus, it let’s me space out my funds.

Use up all my beauty samples
I literally just went through my stash and bagged it up and sent it over to my sisters’ house so they can go through it and help me declutter.

Makeup stash decluttering

Visit a place I’ve never been
I’m in the military so I’ve been to a ton of places around the world. I also normally go and visit friends when I take time off from work. I normally go visit my #bestie in Alabama but this year during one of my leave times, I want to go visit a city that I haven’t been to and go exploring.

Go out and do something new once a month
I really am a homebody, but there’s the occasional times where I just have the urge to go out and do something. I really don’t like to plan anything. I blame it on me being a Cancer sign. Everything really does depend on my mood. The other day, I went grocery shopping at 9 pm. I was that chic where they had to do an overhead announcement to say that the store was closing in 10 minutes and bring your purchases to the register. Ummm…I was the last person in the store.
I need to start looking at the newspapers and Facebook local events and just go out and explore locally. It could also be just going out to a new restaurant. I’m always down to eat!

Go to a FSU football game
I’m a die-hard Seminole fan so during college football season, I’m on my couch, dressed all in FSU Garnet and Gold gear (preferable Victoria’s Secret PINK collegiate collection) and ready to cheer on my team! I’m only 3 hours away from Tallahassee so I really need to go out to one of their games this coming up season.

FSU personalized tshirt

Start a garden
This year I’ve already planted a few seeds to transplant into my garden boxes in my back yard. I’ve planted some jalapenos and tomatoes. I always buy them at the grocery store when I’m out shopping so I might as well grow my own. Let’s just hope they blossom and bring on an abundance of goodies my way.


Jalapeno garden

That’s my 8 things that I want to accomplish this year. Here’s to me sticking with it though!


What are some things you’ve come up with that you want to accomplish in 2017?

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