Starting up with Accutane Acne Medication

As weird as this may sound but I’m excited to try the most talked about  Accutane!

My journey with Accutane

Starting November 4th, 2014, I am super stoked that I will be able to start the most talked about Accutane System for cystic acne.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a long process to begin this journey.

I had to make an appointment with my dermatologist please see what my options are to get rid of this nasty stuff that is on my face. I am not quite as bad as some people with cystic acne. But I am just a little bit vain. When I do get cystic acne it doesn’t just come one by one it comes by force.

As an Asian descent, we take pride in our skin, hair, nails.

I was blessed as a teenager because I never received any break out with any type of asking. Once I turned 30 though, all hell break loose on my porcelain skin.

I tried the doxycycline tablets. I switch to a non hormonal birth control. I’ve tried the Retin-A micro pump. And then some and then some and then some.

Not one of those damn things helped to where I can get my porcelain skin back to normal.

My dermatologist said the next step is to go ahead and start the Accutane system for acne.

Now here goes what all entails into being able to start the Accutane system:

  • You must say that you are on different types of birth control
  • You must get blood work done for
  • -Glucose testing
  • -Cholesterol testing
  • -Pregnancy testing

November 4th is when I go back to get my prescription to take back with me to the pharmacy to get filled.

First, you must log into a system called iPLEDGE.

There is a seven-day window comply with to be able to get your prescription. Even if your one day late you have to start the program all over again and that is just a pain in my arse.

Trust me, I will be there within that 7 day time period. Because I will not be going through this whole process all over again just to get started.

Now you would only get a 30 day supply each time that you go to the pharmacy. Before each time you get your prescription filled, you must go back to the doctor, your dermatologist to answer all the questions all over again but not so much into detail. you will however, cake the proper blood test to continue on with this medication.

You must also make sure during this time you’re taking the Accutane, that you dial to yourself that you would be extra careful to not get pregnant. Accutane may cause birth defects. That is why the doctor is insisting that you do a double take on birth control.

With all that being said, I have read and saw so many before and after pictures with patients being on Accutane. The results are a sound in. So that is why I am so excited to try this.

A lot of the people has also stated that they haven’t had any type of new development. Doubles plus for me. I may sound just a little vain but I am so sick and tired of getting these nasty breakout where you can’t even see the head of it, it’s just these big boils under your skin that turn your face into big types of volcanoes where you can’t see the head. Its like it is a catch to every single nerve in your face.

As I start this journey I will be posting before and after pictures each week so I can show you my progress.

My dermatologist said that my prescription in the packaging process should take 4 to 6 month.

Some of the side effects that I have read about is:

  • Extremely dry lips
  • Body aches
  • Nose bleeds
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Dry skin

Those are the top side effects that I’ve seen other people experience.

If you have tried the Accutane system please, please, please, share me your experience below in the comments section. As in what type of gentle cleansing lotion that you used, best moisturizing lip treatment, best moisturizer for your face during the day and night-time.

Fully prepared before I started this journey.

Any insight that you have on this medication and Accutane system by experience, please feel free below to tell me your experience with this medication.


Until next time Dolls



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