Staying Fresh & Dry with Dove

With spring and summer just around the corner, it’s time to really think about what deodorant or antiperspirant protection we are going to use if not already. I’ve been a Dove woman ever since I started using deodorant.

Dove Dry Spray 48 hours protection

Now, I have to admit that I’ve been lucky when it comes down to not smelling sour when I sweat. Lately though, since I’ve been using a new thermogenic for my workouts. Let me tell you, I’ve been sweating in areas that I didn’t know could sweat. I also normally don’t sweat in my underarm pits, but with this thermogenic, I am! I’m just thankful that it’s not sour-smelling. I’ve been around some not so good smelling individuals when it comes to the gym or running outside. I often look around looking crazy wondering if I’m the only one that can smell them. Trust me, I do my “lift my arms to sniff” just to make sure it’s not me.
I am only going to assume it’s because that I drink a gallon if not more of water a day.

The only times that I sweat, before I started using this thermogenic, is when I’m running, doing squats, if I’m in the sauna, or when it’s blazing hot here in Florida with a combination of humidity.

I’ve just always trusted the Dove brand and I always choose their Original Clean version. The scent is just so fresh and clean.

When I took the pictures of the bottle, I actually tried to take a shot of the mist spraying out, but it’s so fine that you can’t see it in pictures. My daughter walked by my room and said, “It smells so good in here.” I guess this can be a dual use for me as a room freshener too.

Here are some of the reasons that I love this dry spray from Dove:

  • Doesn’t stain my shirts
  • Inexpensive
  • Keeps my pits dry
  • Amazing scent
  • Does what it says it’s suppose to do
  • Sleek chic bottle
  • Fine mist spray

Dove Dry Spray 48 hours protection

You can use this straight out of the shower. Just make sure you pat your underarms dry before use. Spray each underarm with two or three short bursts about 6 inches away. There’s no need to wait to get dressed. It goes on dry!

It has 48 hours of protection, but I haven’t tested that theory yet. I like to take a shower everyday, if not twice a day. During the summer months, I may even take 3 showers. I don’t like to feel dirty AT ALL! Florida summer days/nights can sometimes be brutal!
Throughout the day, I get a little whiff of the scent every once in a while. I guess when I lift my arms and swing them. I always take a double take and enjoy the smell.

I actually don’t have any dislikes about this Dove dry spray other than, sometimes not all the stores stock the Original Clean scent. They have several of the other Dove dry spray scents but my preference is the Original Clean.

You can find these at Target, Walmart, or Amazon and they are under $6 for 3.8 oz’s of this amazing scented, keep your underarms from smelling sour, goodness!


What is your go-to reliable deodorant?


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