My Accutane Journey Week 1

My Accutane Journey Week 1

My journey with Accutane

My initial 30 days waiting to start Accutane has finally passed and I started my 1st week of treatment!  Woowho!

Before my appointment at my dermatologist,  I had to get yet another pregnancy test and more blood work to make sure I was in the clear. If you’re a female, you will have to get a pregnancy test each month before starting a new pack of treatment. This is for the safety of an unborn child. Accutane can cause serious damage to a fetus. That’s why you have to ensure NOT getting pregnant while taking this medication. You have to use two forms of birth control throughout your treatment plan.

I just started dating a new guy and have two kids already, so getting pregnant any time soon is definitely not in my plans. Plus my man is deployed at the moment so, no problems there.

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Is January’s Ipsy bag worth all the hype?

Is January’s Ipsy bag worth all the hype?

January Ipsy US

My January Ipsy bag finally landed in my mailbox today!
Keep in mind that Ipsy bags are $10 a month with free shipping to the US.

Let’s get into what all they selected for me this month.

Mica Beauty cosmetics – Tinted lip balm in #6 Fiesta
Briogeo – Don’t Despair, Repair! deep conditioning mask
Proactive+ – Mark Fading Pads
Nourish Organic – Lightweight Moisturizing Face Lotion
Elizabeth Mott – Smooth Shadow in Pearl

Mica Beauty cosmetics
We’ve received several different products from this brand and so far, I haven’t been enticed to use any of them.  This lip balm included.  I’m not a potted lip balm type of person, but if you are then you may like this one.
It’s not like any other tinted lip balm that I’ve seen because this one is SUPER pigmented.  It’s mauve in color and it’s semi matte to me.  I’ll most likely give this to my daughter or put it in my box of goodies that I don’t use and may do a giveaway with all the items in there.  I don’t want all of it just collecting dusk.
I couldn’t find this exact product on their website but the other lip balms are $14.95

Ipsy January's

Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow
Also included in this months bag is a Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow in the color Pearl.
Finally something out of this bag that I’ll use.  This is a very nice shimmery pearl color that glides on smooth.  For me, I had to swipe it twice to get the pigmentation that I like.  It’s a gel pencil that stays in place!
The cost is $14.99.
With that cost, I don’t think I would repurchase.  I’ll use it up until it’s gone though.

proactiv +
This is the 1st time that I’ve seen proactiv in an Ipsy bag.  I don’t care for proactiv products because when I thought my little monthly breakouts were bad, (They seriously weren’t) I used the proactiv set and of course the purging of all things nasty came about!  Then I totally freaked!  Stopped that mess!  Regardless what they say, “It always gets worse before it gets better.” this chic was not having that!
They included four (4) proactiv + Mark Fading Pads.
A pack of 15 pads is $41!!!
What! Are they mad? They done lost their minds!
Nope, not me, I wouldn’t pay that much money for that!

Don’t Despair, Repair! deep conditioning mask 10z
This is another item that I’ll try!  I’ll try about anything when it comes to a good hair conditioning mask.  I’ve put my hair through some serious dye jobs throughout my life.  I need to make sure I always have it nourished.
It has a light pleasant scent to it.
A full size jar is 5.25 oz’s for $26.
So, this 1 oz jar equals to $4.95 and I can see this being a good 3-4 applications.  I have super long hair.

Nourish Organic
Nourish Organic Lightweight Moisturizing Face Lotion 0.5 oz’s is the last product in the bag.
As you can imagine, if you’ve been following my posts, is that I’ve been in search of a good face moisturizer.  So, this will be in with the rest of the face moisturizers that I’m going to try.
Cost: $6.51
We shall see if it’s really deserves that price.

Well, for all 5 products the cost of this whole bag is:

Not bad for a monthly cost of $10.

Until next time Dolls

What did you get in your bags this month?
Do share!



What is your face acne telling you?

What is your face ance telling you?

I recently broke out bad on my chin and the left side of my chin, so I decided to do a little researching.

I’ve seen this before and totally forgot about it.

The Face mapping of acne. 

An ancient Chinese medicine system.

When it comes to Asians and Pacific Islanders, we particularly take great pride in our skin, hair, and nails.
I know I do.

I decided to make my own little picture,  so please excuse my magnetic grocery shopping list in the background.

Acne face map - FilipinaMacBarbie

I’m such a goof and love pink and Hello Kitty and yes, I’m in my 30’s.

Don’t judge me. LOL

Each number represents a zone.

Zones 1& 2 (Bladder/Digestive system)

Acne in these areas may mean that you need to increase your water intake and improve your diet.  Drink plenty of water and make room for more veggies and fruits.
(I can deal with this one.)

Zone 3 (Liver)

You may want to cut back on your diary intake.
(I’m lactose intolerant, so I can deal with this one too.)

Zones 4 & 10/ 6 & 8 (Kidneys)

Zone 4 & 10- cut back on sodas, coffee, caffeine,  and alcohol.
(Say it aint so……cut back on coffee?? Do they know if they made a IV drip of coffee, I would have it hooked up to me 24/7!)

Zone 6 & 8- Hydrate and get plenty of rest.
(Hydrate I can do, but the get plenty of rest part….umm, yea, I’m a total insomniac.

Zones 5 & 9 (Respiratory)

If you’re a smoker, you may notice acne here. Also if you have seasonal allergies.
(I can vouch for this one.)

Zone 7 (Heart)

You may want to check your blood pressure.

Zones 11 & 13 (HORMONES)

Caused by either high stress or the monthly.
(High stress….well, now that the military is looking to cut thousands of people out of the force, I can see the stress in this one.)

Zone 12 (Stomach)

Time to Detoxify your body.
(It is time for me to do a cleanse anyways.  The last time I did a complete cleanse, my skin was flawless and felt so clean.  It’s almost indescribable how it felt.  I had tons of energy and slept well.) 

Zone 14 (Illness)

Your body may be fighting a bacterial infection.   Drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of rest,  and take your daily vitamins.

Now, I’m sure you’re probably looking at your face right now and saying, “OMG!”

Crazy right?

Let’s see if we can fight these nasty sore spots in the new year!

Until next time