Birthday Celebrations

My Birthday Celebrations

Birthday cake

Recently I just celebrated my birthdays.  Yes, I said “Birthdays.”  I have two of them.

I was born in the Philippines and they messed up the date on my birth certificate.  So, I do indeed celebrate both days.  My actual birthday and my government birthday.  Which is a good thing now because my significant other  (S.O /Boo Thang) has his kids on alternate weekends.  This year he had his kiddos on my actual birthday so we were able to celebrate together on my “government birthday.”

Well, my official birthday weekend started a little early.  I took half the day off on a Wednesday then took Thursday through Sunday off.

Wednesday we started off at the beach with my friend Joanna while we sipped (slurp) Pina Coladas and working on our tans.

Birthday Beach time

I know, it’s a tough life but someone has to do it.

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