My Favorite Home Scents Gold Canyon Candles Not Black Friday Sale

My Favorite Home Scents Gold Canyon Candles Not Black Friday Sale 

2015 black Friday gold canyon candles sale

If you’re looking for candles and wickless candle products for your home, office, and automobiles that smells up whole house and that does not cost an arm and a leg then you need to give Gold Canyon candles a try.

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Votivo Icy Blue Pine Candle Review

Votivo Icy Blue Pine Candle Tin Review

Votivo Icy Blue Pine tin candle review

I received this 4 oz Votivo Icy Blue Pine tin candle in my November/December Beauty Test Tube.

I’m a sucker when it comes to candles. I love having them all around my house and in almost each room.

I received this 4 oz Votivo tin candle in my Test Tube Beauty subscription this month and I only have one more candle in my house to light up so this one came in just in time.

With the colder weather here, I tend to buy seasonal candles to go with the season. This is the perfect scent for this time of year.

I’ve never heard of this brand, so I was excited to see if it will have some staying and a good scent throwing power for my house. With it being only a 4 oz tin candle, I didn’t have high hopes for it, but I was proven wrong!

I lite it up in my open space living room and I could smell it throughout the house. In the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and all of my bedrooms.

The Votivo website describes it as:


A potent powerful punch of prickly pine pleasure with the underpinnings of sweet and spicy stripped cedar bark topped with merry crumbles of crystallized, ice cubes , the suspended delight of wintery wonderland adventure.

The packaging looks completely different from what I received,  but that just might be because the one I received is the promotional Votivo tin candle.

Regardless of the packaging that I received,  it still has a strong scent throw.

This is the Votivo Icy Blue Pine Candle that I received

votivo candles

This is what is on the Votivo website for the same Icy Blue Pine candle picture

Votivo icy blue pine candle

The one from the website is more elegant looking but I’ll cool with what I received just as much.

You can purchase this Votivo Icy Blue Pine candle on their website at for $15.

I may have to check out the rest of their stock to see what else catches my scent fancy.

What candle scents do you like to burn during the holidays?


Gold Canyon Candles End of Year SALE

Gold Canyon Candles End of Year SALE!!


These are by far the BEST smell goods on the market!

Click HERE to check out their sales going on now.

True to life scents.

Candles, wick-less smell goods, diffusers,  pod warmers, etc.

Get yours today and have your home, office, and automobiles smelling AMAZING!

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What is your favorite scent?




Cyber Monday! My Favorite Websites for Beauty, Fashion, and Savings!

With today being Cyber Monday, I decided to do a quick post on just some of my favorite places to shop online.  Feel free to click on the names to go to their site.

When it comes to beauty/cosmetics, I have a few.


Every time I go into Ulta, I feel like a kid in a candy store for the first time.  I literally walk every aisle and spend a good 2-3 hours in the store.
They’re having their Cyber Monday Sale so head over there to get some great deals!!

Mary Kay


Now, Y’all know that Mary Kay has been around forever!  They have amazing products.  I personally love their facial cleansers.  I also love the fact that it empowers the average to upper class women and men to be able to run their own successful business.  They can do it on the side/part-time along with their regular corporate jobs or run their Mary Kay business full-time.
What is your favorite product from Mary Kay?


2013-12-02 20.18.47

Need I say more about Sephora?
It’s just like Ulta to me, I spend so much time in this store that the associates know me by name!
Plus I love the fact that you can get samples to take home with you to try out before purchasing the full product.

Now on to fashion.
My clothing styles varies depending on my mood, where I’m going and with whom I’m going with.
When I’m at home, I’m comfortable in my PJ’s and I totally fine with staying in my PJ’s all day with my kids.
My daughter is the same size as me, so she basically wears all my clothes.  I just have one rule…….. I WEAR IT FIRST!
Does anyone else have to go through this like me?



Get some great deals on print t-shirts or whatever you fancy.
I normally just get the print t-shirts here, like my Maryln Monroe shirts.



I get tons of hipster, as my daughter says, clothing here.  From jackets, jewelry, shirts, pants, socks, etc.
Now, to me, I always get a size bigger just because after I wash them, they tend to shrink.  They are reasonably priced so that’s what I found that works out best for us.

When it comes to my smell goods for my home, office, and automobile; I turn to Gold Canyon

Gold Canyon


These are HANDS DOWN the best on the market.  Just like Mary Kay, Gold Canyon is also a home-based business for women and men.
They have candles, tealights, wick-less products such as Pod Warmers, Diffusers, Auto sprays, linen sprays, Homeology “Go Green” home cleaners, etc, etc, etc…..the list goes on.
With the candles, you will not have those wasted wax all along the walls of your jars.  They burn evenly and clean.

When it comes to everyday products, I go to my Coupon Guru.



I’ve learned so much from her with saving money on my everyday need purchasing.  With me being a single mother with two young kiddos, I need to save as much money as possible.
This website has a mega coupon database and she posts consistently to keep us updated on deals.

Well, I hope y’all have a HAPPY CYBER SHOPPING MONDAY!!



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