How To Depot MAC Lipsticks

How To Depot MAC Lipsticks 

How to depot mac lipsticks

So, I took the plunge and depotted my broken MAC lipsticks.  If you’re like me and have a teenaged daughter that likes to get into your makeup stash when you’re gone or you accidentally drop your lipstick and it breaks or separates from the bullet base, then depotting was my only option.  There is no way that I’m going to just chuck them in the garbage and cry. Let’s face it, your heart drops a little when you drop your makeup.  It’s almost the same feeling when you drop your cell phone or a kid that dropped their ice cream from the ice cream cone.

I went on MAC’s website and ordered the Large Single Pro Palette ($8) and a Pro Palette Customize 12 insert ($2). I think MAC’s palettes look super sleek and professional and $10 for both is not bad at all!

I gathered all my broken lipsticks.  I had 9 of them.  That means I cried and yelled 9 different times.

You can arrange them however you please.  I started from the bottom left from lighter shades to darker shades.

I used a little spatula that came with one of my face moisturizers to take the lipstick out of the bullets.  Don’t forget to dig into the bullet too.  There’s quite a bit hiding in there.  Transfer the product into the MAC palette and continue on until you empty all of your lipstick bullets.

How to depot mac lipsticks

Then I placed the MAC lipstick insert with my lipstick products into the microwave for 1 min and 20 seconds, opening and checking the microwave every 20 seconds until it was melted and smooth.

Just place the lipstick inset in the microwave and not both the insert and palette or you will burn some of the palette casing.  I’m not saying I did that the first time I put it in…I did. Oops… but I corrected myself within 30 seconds because I smelled a horrible burning plastic aroma. So, trust me, ONLY the lipstick insert goes into the microwave.

Remove the lipstick insert out of the microwave and pop the insert into the MAC palette and viola…

How to depot lipsticks

You now have yourselves a palette full of lipsticks!

I’ve recently just started using a lip brush to apply my lipsticks so transferring my broken lipsticks into the palette just made that more sense to do.

How to depot mac lipsticks

I hope this helps you out and you don’t think that you have to throw away your hard-earned money into the trash.

Also, don’t forget to take your empty MAC containers to a MAC counter to get FREE lipsticks! Every 6 empty MAC containers earns you a free lipstick for their BACK2MAC program.

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How to depot MAC eye shadows

How to Depot M•A•C eye shadows

How to depot mac eye shadows

I don’t know what took me so long to do this. I have a ton of MAC shadows just running loose. My local MAC store doesn’t sell the PRO palettes so I ordered one online at MAC. The large single Pro Palette is only $8 and the 15 count eye shadow insert is only $2.

I love how it’s sleek, black, convenient, and professional looking. Great for traveling and grab-n-go rush type of days.

This was my first time doing this so the first few that I did aren’t that pretty looking. I did however stop for a few minutes to think then,..TADA the light bulb went off. I just thought about the things I had around the house.

The things you’ll need

  • Sharp pointy knife
  • Cuticle cutter or wire cutter (depending what you have at home already)
  • Lighter
  • Pro Palette
  • Eye Shadow palette insert

When I first attempted to depot them, I jacked up 4 of my beautiful MAC eyeshadow and wanted to cry because I pretty much ruined and wasted some product.

I’m going to tell you how I did it incorrectly first that way you don’t make the same mistake I did.


I only had the knife at this time. I took the eye shadow container and inserted the knife where there’s a groove.

How to depot mac eye shadows

Right above where it clicks to close, insert the knife there just a little bit and it will come out clean. The next step is where it went WRONG…My dummy self, stuck the knife in between the eye shadow and the container to get under it then the shadow started to rise up and crumble. My heart stopped as it was crumbling. 🙁

I’m sure you can definitely tell which 4 I totally jacked up.

Now to the CORRECT EASIER way

Still use the knife to separate the eye shadow holder from the container. It will like this below.

How to depot mac eye shadows

I’m a little impatient so I already took the shadow out before I took this picture. My bad! There’s really two little containers.

Now,  once you separate it like this, you’ll get your cuticle cutter and where the bigger gap opening is (left container on the left side on the picture above) you’re going to cut two slits (pictured below.)

How to depot mac eye shadows

This next step isn’t ideal, but as I said earlier, I’m impatient. I bent it down with my teeth. I know, that’s bad but it got the work done! If you have another way to do it,  please comment below that way I can do my next palette without using my teeth.  Good news is that my teeth didn’t chip,  so it’s all good!

Once it’s bent down, then get your knife again to slip the knife under the silver eye shadow container. Be careful because there’s gooey glue that’s holding the silver eye shadow container to the black container. You can see the glue in the picture above.

Once the shadow is out, you’ll put it in the Pro Palette eye shadow insert and go to your next shadow and repeat the steps for each one.

I used the lighter to separate the sticker with the name of the shadow from the bottom of the original container.

For this step, just light your lighter and about an inch away from the sticker from below, heat the sticker so it’ll loosen it up then peel it off from the container. Then place the sticker under the palette with the corresponding shadows.

How to depot mac eye shadows

It’s not that pretty but it’ll do.

Then you’re going to place the 15 count insert into the palette.

How to depot mac eye shadows


Place the completed palette where you store your eye shadows and YOU’RE DONE!

How to depot mac eye shadows

depot mac eyeshadow

Once I used the 2nd way of depotting the shadows,  it took just about 10 minutes.

I had to hurry up because I was heading out for a MAC beauty class.

Don’t forget about the MAC Cosmetics Back to M•A•C Program.

If you don’t know about the Back to M•A•C Program, here’s the details:

Because we share your commitment to the environment, M·A·C accepts returns of its primary packaging through the Back to M·A·C Program. By returning six [6] M·A·C primary packaging containers to a M·A·C counter or M·A·C Cosmetics online, you’ll receive a free M·A·C lipstick of your choice as our thanks to you.

This trip, I took 12 depotted eye shadow containers so I could get two (2) FREE MAC lipsticks.

I love my local M•A•C store and M•A•C Beauty Dolls there! They’re always so cheerful and beautifully made up.

I’ll post my M•A•C cosmetics class experience soon so stay tuned for that post.

Hopefully my way of depotting M•A•C eye shadows helped ya some.

If you know a way to bend the clipped area, instead of using your teeth, please comment and let us know. It didn’t chip my teeth this time, but who knows, it may the next time.



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