Beauty Sleep with Beauty Sleep Masks

Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep eye mask

How many of us really get the 7-8 hours of zzz’s that are “suggested” we get?  Sleep to me is more of a luxury than a necessity. Me getting zzz’s is more of a necessity for those that have to be around me. 😉

I know I’m not alone when I say that I don’t get nearly the “suggested” 7-8 hours of sleep. I have the worst sleep pattern ever.

Why we need Beauty Sleep

Our skin goes into “Repair Mode” when we head off into dream land.
While we’re sleeping, our skin that has been exposed to everyday environmental extremes like UV rays and free radicals gets the needed time to repair and recover.

Our skin knows that it’s not having to go into protection overload while we’re getting our sleep so it goes into repair mode instead.

Our bodies functionality is so darn smart it’s amazing the things that it does automatically. For example, you ever notice right when you wake up, your bladder is triggered saying, “Hey, she’s awake now. Let’s eliminate this excess fluids.” Also, I really don’t have to mention what happens to men right. 😉

Our night-time skin care routine and the products used, absorbs more effectively.

With enough uninterrupted rest, our face looks more refreshed and bright-eyed.

This past long holiday weekend, I stayed with my friends at their house and while I was out shopping, I saw a plush sleeping eye mask.  I’ve bought several other kinds in the past but they weren’t as comfortable and plush like this one. Plus this one has an adjustable band. With my thick hair and the way I have my hair set up while I sleep made the other non-adjustable sleep masks just uncomfortable so I stopped using them. BUT if you find the right one for you, these things are so effective for us sleep-deprived beauties.

I was able to fall asleep much faster, blocked out all the night-lighting they had in the house due to all of our kids. Plus in the morning, the sun didn’t creep in to wake me up.

When I finally woke up and took my eye mask off, I was surprised to see how bright it was already.

I’ve been using my eye sleep mask ever since and LOVE it.

There are many different brands out there that are reasonably priced. You just have to pick the one that’s comfortable for YOU.

I seriously recommend going out and getting one of these beauty sleep eye masks and using them nightly. You can even spray your favorite relaxing sprays on them, like a light lavender-scented spritz to add that extra relaxation touch.

I’m going to continue using mine and get the much needed rest I deserve.

Do you use or thought about using these stylish “Do not disturb me or I’ll choke you” sleep masks? What are your thoughts on them?


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