Best gifts for Women

The Best Gift Guide for the Woman you Love

If your special lady is anything like me, then she will LOVE these gifts.

If you don’t have that special lady in your life, then I will gladly, with a smile on my face accept any of these gifts from you. I’m jus’ sayin’!!

Valentines Day gifts

I don’t know any woman out there that doesn’t love perfume.  Unless for some reason that they’re allergic to them. But, I haven’t met one yet.

Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior

Hypnotic Poison purfume
I love pretty much any perfume that has hints of vanilla in them. It’s also known that vanilla is a natural aphrodisiac. This  is my everyday luxury perfume.  It makes me feel sexy and sensual and I’m always getting compliments from men when I wear this.  I can never run out of this perfume or I’ll feel naked.
Now, since you men are buying this for your special woman, I know what you may be thinking since I just said that men are always complimenting me when I wear this.  You’re probably thinking in your head, “Why would I want men to compliment my woman when I’m not around?”  Don’t worry Boo, your special lady is only thinking of you and what you’re feeling when she’s around you with the Hypnotic Poison perfume on.
The top notes are apricot, plum and coconut; middle notes are tuberose, jasmine, lily of the valley, rose, Brazilian rosewood and caraway; base notes are sandalwood, almond, vanilla, and musk

The Christian Dior site describes Hypnotic Poison as:

The mystery of Dior’s legendary forbidden fruit lives on in a magical, modern potion that blends femininity with boldness. Four contrasting facets – intoxicating bitter almond and caraway spice, opulent Sambac jasmine, mysterious Jacarandra and sensuous vanilla and musk– make for a compelling, bewitching fragrance fusion. Intoxicating and extravagant.

Here are several places that you can purchase this for your woman.

Those are just some places you can go to where you can sample it and purchase.
Seriously, you can’t go wrong with this.  Unless that is, she doesn’t like vanilla.

Victoria's Secret Pink Collection

Victorias Secret PinkVictorias Secret PinkVictorias Secret Pink

Alright, I don’t know any woman who does not like receiving Victoria’s Secret gifts.
I personally wear Victoria’s Secret Pink Collection to lounge in EVERY DAY!
If you know me, I am a total FSU football fan.  Even my FSU jerseys are from Victoria’s Secret.
They have everything from the cutest every day panties, bras, tank tops, sweat pants, sweat shirts, shirts, nighties, sport bras, shorts, lounge pants, flip-flops, etc.
I’m sure she’ll love to see that Pink striped bag full of Victoria’s Secret goodies!


CHANELCHANELCHANELCHANEL PINK PURSECHANEL, need I say more?  I don’t think so.  There is no other way to say I LOVE YOU to your lady than to surprise her with some CHANEL.  CHANEL dresses, shirts, purses, wallets, watches, jewelry, shoes, OMG just CHANEL. Enough said on that.

COACH pink watches

If you can’t tell by now, I love Pink!
This is a great everyday Coach watch if your lady like pink and Coach.
Coach has great watches so if she doesn’t like pink, there are several other styles to choose from.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty ringHello Kitty

I’m a huge fan of Hello Kitty!  Every holiday or special occasion, people always gift me with Hello Kitty products. I’m seriously an easy person to shop for.
This is a super cute pearl Hello Kitty ring and Hello Kitty suitcase.  It’s not for everyone, but if she has an inner kid in her, this is so cute!


Valentino dress

VALENTINO dresses galore!  The Valentino name in itself, is just a sexy strong name and the dresses will bring out your inner goddess.  Of course this dress has hints of pink in it as well.

Zoya Nail Polishes

Zoya Pink Nail polishes

I always have my nails painted.  It makes me feel good, plus it keeps them strong and healthy. Having your nails polished has a feminine appeal to them.  It’s rare to ever see my nails without polish on them.  Right now, I’m loving Zoya nail polishes.  They have such an array of colors it’s pretty much impossible to just choose one polish.

So there’s my Valentines Day gift guide for that special lady in your life.
I hope you all have a very relaxing and lovely Valentine’s Day!
Remember not to stress out about Valentine’s Day.  It really is just another day on the calendar.  You should be showing your special lady or man that you love them everyday and not just because it’s labelled as “Valentine’s Day”.

What are some items on your Valentines gift Wish List?


Filipina Mac Barbie

Filipina Mac Barbie

The Original Beauty Blender review

The Original Beauty Blender review

Beautyblender FilipinaMacBarbie



I was very hesitate in buying this at Sephora a couple months back but I did.

I bought the pink BeautyBlender at Sephora and just received the white BeautyBlender in my January GlossyBox.

The White BeautyBlender is the original size and the Pink BeautyBlender is when its wet.  It doubles in size.

beautyblenderbeauty blenderbeautyblender 2014

I put my foundation on a glass topper and wet my BeautyBlender then dab my BeautyBlender in my foundation then dab it all on my face.  I use the big part of the BeautyBlender on my cheeks, forehead,  and chin then I use the pointed side for my nose, around my nose, and under my eyes.

The pointed part of the BeautyBlender is made for the hard to get areas and the bigger side for all other areas of your face.

I’ve tried and wasted my money on the knock-offs of the BeautyBlender just because I didn’t want to spend $20 on a sponge.  The knock-offs DOES NOT compare at all!

The finish is flawless!

I highly highly highly recommend The Original BeautyBlender!

Until next time Dolls

What do you use to apply your foundation and why?




Is January’s Ipsy bag worth all the hype?

Is January’s Ipsy bag worth all the hype?

January Ipsy US

My January Ipsy bag finally landed in my mailbox today!
Keep in mind that Ipsy bags are $10 a month with free shipping to the US.

Let’s get into what all they selected for me this month.

Mica Beauty cosmetics – Tinted lip balm in #6 Fiesta
Briogeo – Don’t Despair, Repair! deep conditioning mask
Proactive+ – Mark Fading Pads
Nourish Organic – Lightweight Moisturizing Face Lotion
Elizabeth Mott – Smooth Shadow in Pearl

Mica Beauty cosmetics
We’ve received several different products from this brand and so far, I haven’t been enticed to use any of them.  This lip balm included.  I’m not a potted lip balm type of person, but if you are then you may like this one.
It’s not like any other tinted lip balm that I’ve seen because this one is SUPER pigmented.  It’s mauve in color and it’s semi matte to me.  I’ll most likely give this to my daughter or put it in my box of goodies that I don’t use and may do a giveaway with all the items in there.  I don’t want all of it just collecting dusk.
I couldn’t find this exact product on their website but the other lip balms are $14.95

Ipsy January's

Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow
Also included in this months bag is a Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow in the color Pearl.
Finally something out of this bag that I’ll use.  This is a very nice shimmery pearl color that glides on smooth.  For me, I had to swipe it twice to get the pigmentation that I like.  It’s a gel pencil that stays in place!
The cost is $14.99.
With that cost, I don’t think I would repurchase.  I’ll use it up until it’s gone though.

proactiv +
This is the 1st time that I’ve seen proactiv in an Ipsy bag.  I don’t care for proactiv products because when I thought my little monthly breakouts were bad, (They seriously weren’t) I used the proactiv set and of course the purging of all things nasty came about!  Then I totally freaked!  Stopped that mess!  Regardless what they say, “It always gets worse before it gets better.” this chic was not having that!
They included four (4) proactiv + Mark Fading Pads.
A pack of 15 pads is $41!!!
What! Are they mad? They done lost their minds!
Nope, not me, I wouldn’t pay that much money for that!

Don’t Despair, Repair! deep conditioning mask 10z
This is another item that I’ll try!  I’ll try about anything when it comes to a good hair conditioning mask.  I’ve put my hair through some serious dye jobs throughout my life.  I need to make sure I always have it nourished.
It has a light pleasant scent to it.
A full size jar is 5.25 oz’s for $26.
So, this 1 oz jar equals to $4.95 and I can see this being a good 3-4 applications.  I have super long hair.

Nourish Organic
Nourish Organic Lightweight Moisturizing Face Lotion 0.5 oz’s is the last product in the bag.
As you can imagine, if you’ve been following my posts, is that I’ve been in search of a good face moisturizer.  So, this will be in with the rest of the face moisturizers that I’m going to try.
Cost: $6.51
We shall see if it’s really deserves that price.

Well, for all 5 products the cost of this whole bag is:

Not bad for a monthly cost of $10.

Until next time Dolls

What did you get in your bags this month?
Do share!



beautyblender review

Beautyblender FilipinaMacBarbie

beautyblender is a beautiful miracle!

I finally took the plunge and purchased the award-winning beautyblender.   I have been on the fence for a while because of the price of a sponge.

I’ve bought the lookalikes before and didn’t like them so I didn’t give them much thought because of the cost and I already have my MAC and Sigma brushes.

I was in Sephora last weekend and took the plunge.  It’s an early Christmas present for me.

Well well well…..

It is so worth the $20!

I put my foundation on a flat glass container and put a little water on my beautyblender and dabbed the foundation with the bigger side of my beautyblender and dabbed away at my face. It is a flawless look.  Then with the tip of the beautyblender I dabbed my MAC concealer under my eyes to hide my dark circles and highlight.  So excuse the next picture because it does have some products on it.

Beautyblender juvy

The beautyblender website describes it as:

The original beautyblender® is a revolutionary makeup sponge applicator with 360 degrees of usable surface for creating absolute complexion perfection. This five-time Allure Best of Beauty Award-winner is ergonomically designed to meet your makeup needs. beautyblender® is the first high definition, neon pink sponge application tool that gives you everything from amazingly sheer coverage to a buildable full coverage.

Would I purchase this again?

Most definitely YES!!!!

I think my brushes are going to be just a little jealous for a while.

Until next time Dolls….

What are your thoughts and experience with the beautyblender??