Motivation Monday


Welp Beauties, it’s MONDAY! For some, that means we have to put on our work clothes, uniforms, scrubs, what ever it is that you put on to leave our comfortable beds and pillows. Booooooo.

Yesterday I was getting my MOTIVATION on at the gym. As well as again today. When it comes to me going to the gym, running near the beach, doing yoga at home, working out at home, there’s one person I envision on how I want my body and fitness energy.

This woman right here!

Jennifer from the block Lopez

Jennifer Lopez
Photo via Official Jennifer Lopez FB

Seriously, this woman is in her 40s and has rock hard abs! Jealous right now, YES!

Yesterday, I was working out with my work-out friends. My Sole-Sister Joanna and her husband.

Normally we just focus on one body part, like upper body, lower body, leg days, or arm days. But naw, yesterday was a full body workout. What da hell was we thinking?!

fitness gym workout

I’ve said it once before and I’ll say it again, I’m not an upper body work out kind of gal.

I know I have to do it though. Urg.

I’ll keep doing it even if I don’t want. That’s why I need Joanna to go with me to do arms. She’s the arms type of guy.

If Jennifer Lopez can do it in her 40s, this 30s something girl will keep on.

Jennifer Lopez
Photo via Official Jennifer Lopez FB
Jennifer Lopez
Photo via Official Jennifer Lopez FB
Jennifer Lopez
Photo via Official Jennifer Lopez FB

So until I get to where I want to be, I’ll keep rockin’ on at the gym, doing my yoga at home, running along the water, and working out at home.


Until next time Beauties



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Bringing my Sexy Back

Bringing My Sexy Back

cute workout clothes

I’ve been on a real health kick lately. Some people like to get their sexy back for summer but I love fall!

I live in Florida so in the summer we normally just wear sun dresses, swimsuits, or tank tops and shorts. In the fall, that when I get to dress up! That’s why I like getting my workout, running, and training in now. To bring my sexy back for the fall season!

For me, getting some cute workout clothes motivates me more for my workouts. The brighter the clothes the better!

I have a great running partner that’s just as gorgeous and we’re just some good ole crazy filipinas out for our nightly runs by the beach. Mind you, I also do physical training 3 times a week because I’m in the military.

I bought the Nike+ GPS Sports watch ($140) to track my runs. I am however a total Adidas chic but their Adidas miCoach gps sports watch is crazy expensive at a whopping $400! But I heard through the grapevine that they’re going to release a new Adidas miCoach Fit Smart watch for half the price mid-August! With the new watch it monitors your heart rate too. The Nike+ Sports watch doesn’t. You would have to buy a separate product to do that. I’ve been looking at the reviews of others and their pictures but I really need to see it in person and on my wrist. IJS!

One difference that I see off the bat is that it only tells you one of the things at a time. Like your pace, heart rate, distance, etc. With my Nike+ watch as I’m running, I can see two things. I personally like to see the distance ran and my pace. You can customize it with whatever you want though.

I like that I can post it to my Facebook and my friends can motivate me even more.

Again, I am a straight up Adidas girl and when I bought the Nike+ watch, I felt like I was cheating on Adidas.

So if anyone has a hook up with Adidas, put in a good word for me so they can feel extra nice and send me one. IJS!

What do you do to motivate yourselves to get your sexy back?



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