Bag Beauty- What’s in My Gym Bag

What's in My Gym Bag


It’s not the prettiest or glammed out gym bag, but it serves its purpose. I do need to get me a little more semi-glammed gym bag though. I would need two different ones. One that I can wear holding while I’m in uniform. There’s so many rules (regulations) on what we can carry while we’re in our military uniform. I normally go to the gym right after work with my man so I use my gym bag mostly during the week and then the second one would be have to be super girly-glammed one, that has some pink and other colors that I can use during the weekends. So, if y’all have some suggestions on which bags I should get, please comment below so I can search them out.

I have several items in my gym bag so let’s get started!


Bag Beauty- What's in My Gym Bag

I love doing squats. Well…it’s more of a love/hate relationship. I love how it makes me sweat and the progress it’s done with the muscle separation of my legs and lifting of my booty, but I hate how it burns and the feeling of the dreaded feeling 1-2 days of “After Leg Day”. So when I saw this tank top on Amazon, I HAD to get it!


Bag Beauty- What's in My Gym Bag

I’m an Adidas girl so I love Adidas shorts! Now, if I cease and bottom that I like then it doesn’t really matter what brand it is. I have tons of Under Armour shorts and yoga pants, Victoria’s Secret yoga pants, and also some Champion yoga pants and shorts.

I’ve just recently started getting more colorful yoga pants instead of my usual black or dark grey ones. I’ve always bought colorful shorts so I have tons of different colored gym shorts.


Bag Beauty- What's in My Gym Bag Adidas, Under Amour, Dove Advanced, Advocate Rehydrate, gym socks, SkinnyStix, Shut up and Squat tank, Aveeno lotion, post workout, women workout gloves

When it comes to socks, I love my Under Armour and Adidas socks. While I’m either at the gym lifting weights or running over the water on the bridge, I love the Under Amour  no-show socks. They’re heat resistant so they keep my feet cool and dry. The rest of my body maybe sweating but at least my feet are nice and dry. They also give my high arches good support.


Bag Beauty- What's in My Gym Bag Adidas, Under Amour, Dove Advanced, Advocate Rehydrate, gym socks, SkinnyStix, Shut up and Squat tank, Aveeno lotion, post workout, women workout gloves

Like I said earlier, I love me some Adidas. Now on my shoes, I haven’t strayed away from Adidas. My man on the other hand is a straight up Nike man.  I have however, forgot my shoes at home one day and I had to borrow a pair of my friends shoes and she is also a Nike girl. So when my guy saw me wearing those Nike shoes, he was like, “Oh man I love those shoes!” He had to say something because he knows I am an Adidas girl. I have several different Adidas shoes.


#dove48hour #contest #loveatfirstswipe
#dove48hour #loveatfirstswipe

Now in my adulthood, I’ve been blessed with not stinking in the under arm area. Influenster and Dove was nice enough to send me their new Dove Advanced Care 48-hour antiperspirant deodorant to try out. once I found out that they were going to send it to me, I was going to give it to my teenage daughter to test out. but once I received it, it is in my favorite scent which is coconut. I just love the smell of any coconut smelling product. once I got it and saw that it was coconut I open that bad boy up and put it on. So needless to say, I kept it for myself. I wasn’t too selfish though, I went out and bought my daughter a Dove Advanced Care in the Original scent at Wal-Mart. My daughter being a teenager, she most definitely needs it since she’s very active and on on-the-go. I don’t use it for the antiperspirant part but I do shave my underarms and it has a NutriumMoisture mechanism for the after shave care to keep it nice and smooth and moistured.

It contains Calendula and Sunflower seed oils so it helps restore my skin to its natural tone.


Bag Beauty- What's in My Gym Bag Adidas, Under Amour, Dove Advanced, Advocate Rehydrate, gym socks, SkinnyStix, Shut up and Squat tank, Aveeno lotion, post workout, women workout gloves

Now when I go to the gym and I’m wearing shorts, the last thing I want is to have is ashy legs and arms.  I make sure I keep an extra bottle of my favorite body lotion.  It’s really not even a lotion but a moisturizing creamy oil.  This feels way better than your typical body lotion.  It just glides on without the greasy feel of oil.  It makes my legs and arms feel soft and silky and has a little gleaming effect to make my muscle definition stand out a little more. Who doesn’t want that?


Bag Beauty- What's in My Gym Bag Adidas, Under Amour, Dove Advanced, Advocate Rehydrate, gym socks, SkinnyStix, Shut up and Squat tank, Aveeno lotion, post workout, women workout gloves

Zantrex had sent me several samples of their Skinnystix energy drink mix and bottle. They have three different flavored mixes, which are:

  • Electric Lime
  • Tangy Tangerine
  • Berry Fusion

I tried all the flavors and the one I love the most is the Tangy Tangerine.

It made me feel full, but in a good way.  I didn’t feel like I wanted to eat everything in sight like I normally do, so it does surpress my appetite and when I am working out, I sweat more.  Not the nasty sweat, but the sweat of it burning fat! Now that’s the good type of sweat!

They also just started carrying it at GNC so when I went in to get me more of my probiotics, I caught a side glimpse of the Skinnystix and I grabbed me the Tangy Tangerine!

Once I got in my truck, I opened it up, filled the bottle with water and mixed it up and drank it on the drive home! It’s that good and it’s only 5 calories!


Post workout protein mix

The one I use is GNC AMP (Advanced Muscle Performance) Amplified Whey Extreme 60 in the Fruit Punch flavor.

I know most people get Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry flavored protein drinks but after a good workout, I want something that is refreshing and light.

Before I started taking my post workout protein drink, my muscles would be SO SORE afterwards! When I say afterwards, I mean even 3-4 days afterwards! Especially when I do Leg Day, I’m in soreness pain! I couldn’t take it any longer so I headed over to GNC and searched out for a protein drink that is fruity and not strawberry and they suggested this particular one.

When I do my leg days, I work my legs until failure mode.  so when I started taking this my recovery time decreased immensely!

It comes in a huge container so I just use one of my Rubbermaid little container which is the perfect size to store one scooping of my protein mix.


Women's pink workout glovesPink women workout gloves

Oh the calluses you will get if you do not wear workout gloves! I learned the hard way.

As you know, my nails are always done and manicured. So I can’t be having my hands looking all tore up and rough-looking with calluses.  It’s just not a pretty sight.

I really don’t know what brand this one is.  I just went to my local Hibbetts Sporting Goods store and saw a nice girly black and pink pair, so I just snatched it up and purchased it.  It’s great because I do a lot of barbell lifting. Either bench lifting or my favorite, squats using the bar bell.


Workout journal

I used to not believe in writing down my workout but I realized that it actually helps me out because I can hold myself accountable for what I’m actually doing. what I would do is after my workout I would write down everything that I did that day. It looks so much better seeing what you actually accomplished for that work out.

Workout journal

It makes me feel better to visually see what I did and if I like that work out, later on I can always go back to look and see what work out that I want to do for certain day.


Advocare rehydrate mix

One of my friends gave me a sample of this AdvoCare Rehydrate mix for during and after my workouts to replenish all the electrolytes that I’ve lost during my workout.  Unfortunately, my guy saw it on the kitchen counter and asked to have it since it was in his favorite flavor, red raspberry.  With him asking all excited, I let him have it.  He loved it so I ordered the big canister of it so I could finally try it.

Today, he’s actually using some while he’s golfing.  Golfing in this Florida weather, he’s going to need it.

This is what the website says about it:

  • Helps the body stay hydrated during physical activity
  • Provides a full spectrum of crucial electrolytes for improved electrolyte balance
  • Includes amino acids to help feed your muscles
  • Fuels your body with carbohydrates for energy production and sustained muscle endurance
  • Contains antioxidants to fight free radicals commonly produced during exercise
  • Helps prevent cramping during and after exercise

I like this better than Gatorade or Powerade.  Those just seem too Salty for my taste.

Well, there you have it.  These are the contents of my gym bag.

What's in my gym bag