Target Beauty Haul ~ 1st Haul of the Year

My 1st lil Beauty Haul of the Year from Target

Target Beauty Haul

It’s a new day, new year, and it’s Saturday!

So when I woke up I decided to check out some local ads from Target, Wal-Mart,  and some other places while I was drinking my coffee.

My intentions weren’t beauty related at all.  I was searching for a laptop because my desktop took the plunge!
The one I wanted, was of course out of stock.  Go figure!  But I did end up getting a laptop from Wal-Mart.   I just forgot to add it to this picture.

I’m stoked though!  Now I can post a little faster.  I have to use a keyboard to type faster.

But anyways!!!

While I was at Target I did grab a few things.

If you’ve kept up with me, y’all know I love eos lip balms.  I grabbed one for me and my daughter grabbed one for her.  The one she picked isn’t in the picture.  She chose the Blueberry Acai.   I picked up the Pomegranate Raspberry.   LOVE IT!

I also needed some round cotton pads for my nail polish remover.   I have to use these and not cotton balls.   Cotton balls just don’t do it for me as quick as these round cotton pads.

When I tried to use cotton balls, the nail polish remover would just drip and the balls would just be wasted because it really only does one nail for a ball.  With the pads, a good two will do one hand and that’s with several coats on my nails.  It works best for me, but I know people love the cotton balls instead.  To each their own.

I also needed some makeup remover wipes.   I always grab some when I’m out shopping.  This is the first time that I’ll be using elf’s cosmetics brand wipes, so I’ll let you know if I like them.  I usually just use them if I’m too lazy to give my face a good cleansing after a night out and I use them to wipe off the extra eyeliner gel from my brush.

I wanted to try out a new face exfoliator scrub since the last one I bought was the hugest mistake I’ve ever made.  If you haven’t already read that post, just go HERE to read that review.

This time I picked up a drug store brand so I’m praying that this doesn’t make me want to stay home for a week!  I picked up the Neutrogena  Oil Free Acne Stress Control exfoliating scrub.

Wish me luck!!

Everyone that does their hair always needs some hairspray and L’Oréal’s Elnett Satin hairspray is my GO-TO spray.  It never disappoints!  I think it’s quite expensive for a drug store brand but it’s so worth it.

I needed a new hair clip so I grabbed this little baby in brown.  It holds my thick long hair perfectly.

Also in my New Years Beauty Bloggers Goals post, I posted that I wanted a pretty planner so I can get a lil bit more organized with my blogging and everyday things.  I also wanted it in pink, and I found this pretty lil number and snatched it up!  So, I did good today because I grabbed two of the three things that I wanted for this year!

Y’all know I love me some Hello Kitty and I saw the multi-color Hello Kitty pen in the $1 bins at the front of the Target store.  I just had to get it.  I’m such a sucker for Hello Kitty.

I needed some more Q Tips so I saw this pack that also included a deluxe sample size (56 ml’s) of the Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer.
I’ll let y’all know what my thoughts are about this product when I’ve used it some.

I picked up the Sally Hansen’s cuticle moisturizing cream to keep my nails in shape and fresh looking.
Again, this is the first time that I’ve used this product.  I did already put some on and it smells amazing!  It has almond oil in it.

Last but not least, I saw these super cute fluffy socks.  Our weather has a bipolar attitude so sometimes it’s cold, sunny, sunny and raining, storming, whatever Florida weather decides to do on any given minute of the day.
But lately, it’s been a little chilly so I love wearing long fluffy socks in the house.

Well, that’s my 1st beauty haul of the year.

Now I have to do a little admin work and write-up some things.
I actually have to write a bio and a resume for my blogging.  I’m going to have to look at some examples because I’ve always only have had my military bio, so this will be interesting.

If you have any clue to what I’m suppose to add in it, please contact me!

Until next time Dolls

What have you snatched up today while shopping?


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