Tatcha Japanese Beauty Blotting Papers Review

I finally had to use my Tatcha Oil Blotting papers that I received in my April’s Sample Society’s beauty box.

Tatcha Japanese Oil Blotting beauty papers

Yesterday when I came home from work I looked in the mirror and saw my t-zone just a shinning like it was nobody’s business!!!

This is the true sign that Spring is here!

I’m also a sucker when it comes to Asian Beauty Products.  The details in their packaging are always so beautifully designed that they just entice your eyes.

Tatcha Japanese Oil Blotting beauty papers

The oils in my face was saying, “Let us be free!!” and they had no shame!

When I saw all that oil, I pulled out the Tatcha oil blotting papers and just cupped it in my palm and pressed it lightly on my forehead,  cheeks, chin, and nose.

Dare to see…….

Tatcha Japanese Oil Blotting beauty papers

Urg, YUCKY Right?!

This lil packet of Tatcha is now gonna have a reserved place in my purse for now on!

If you really take a look at the sheets, they also have lil speckles of gold flakes in them.

I’ve used several different brands of oil blotting sheets in the past, but they all had a film of powder on them that it always transferred to my face so I stopped using them.  They did more damage than good.  These Tatcha sheets has no trace of anything on them that would transfer so I gave them a try, and as you can see, THEY WORK!  My makeup stayed in place and there was no transfer of any kind to my face.  Just the oil being removed.

I went on the Tatcha website and saw that a pack of the 30 sheets that I have runs $12.  They also have it to where you can purchase in bulk as well.

This is what the Tatcha website had to say about these:


What it is:
All-natural leaflets which absorb excess oil without disturbing makeup for petal fresh skin anytime, anywhere.

How it’s different:
Will not steal moisture from the skin or disturb makeup. Powder-free. Fragrance-free. Pulp-free.

Who it’s for:
All skin types.

100% Abaca Leaf, Gold Flake.

Made without:
Mineral oil, synthetic color, fragrance, powder or pulp.

If you want to know a little more about Tatcha skin care products and the story behind the brand, go on over HERE.

I would definitely recommend these beauty oil blotting sheets from Tatcha.

Thank Goodness I received them in my Sample Society monthly beauty box!

Have you used oil blotting sheets before?



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  1. Girl, I love your facial expressions on your pictures!!….LOL! I have to say I have never used any blotting papers. I don’t know why, so I will be correcting this issue hopefully soon!

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