Get Naked and be Flushed

Urban Decay has another great All-in-One face palette!

Urban Decay Naked Flushed is a cute lil handy compact with a bronzer, highlighter, and blush.

Get Flushed with Urban Decay

Urban Decay is on my Top 3 cosmetic brands.  They really know how to create some MUST-HAVE makeup. 

It’s supposed to be great for all skin tones.  Here’s a couple swatches.

Urban Decay FlushedThis is without a flash on the camera.

Urban Decay FlushedThis is with the flash on.

The highlighter is my favorite!

I love how you don’t have to carry 3 separate containers in your makeup bag.  It’s in a handy, just grab and go palette.

Great Job Urban Decay!!

Now if only I can just go to their warehouse and do a lil warehouse sweep!  I would be in makeup heaven!!!

So if y’all have the hook up over there, be sure to let them know I LOVE them!!

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