Searching for the Perfect Prom Dress!

Oh the days of prepping for prom!  Making sure you get that invite from the cutie that you’ve had your eyes on since school started, buying your tickets, booking your salon appointments, snatching up all the fashion magazines checking out all the new trends and hairstyles, and more and more and more.

Every girl remembers PROM NIGHT!  Even years and years later.  High school reunions, out reminiscing with the ladies, telling your own daughter about your prom night.  It’s just one of those nights to remember!

But most importantly,  THE DRESS!

jen jen house prom dress

I’m more of a Grecian dress type of girl.  I love how it just flows and isn’t restrictive.   When you’re out on the dance floor you want to be able to get loose on the dance floor and enjoy the night away.  Plus, you can actually eat the finger foods without watching if your belly is bulging from your dress.

When I went to high school, we didn’t have dresses like these to rock the night away in.  I really don’t want to go there!  Urgh! These days, y’all seriously have it good with prom dresses!

Just check these ones out from JenJenHouse .

jen jen house prom dress

With it being Spring, I chose these colored dresses that will make you stand out in the crowd.  Just imagine the movie Maid in Manhattan with Jennifer Lopez.  When she was able to dress like a fairy tale Cinderella and she stepped into the room for the benefit.  Her skin, makeup, nails, hair, and dress was FLAWLESS! The way she stepped out and paused, ALL eyes were on her.

But these dresses don’t have to collect dust in your closets after prom.  You can wear these to balls that you attend, weddings, a special ladies night, etc.

Just go check out all the different styles JenJenHouse has to offer!  There’s so many different colors and styles to choose from.

Again, I’m still a lil jealous that we didn’t have dresses like these back in the day for my prom.

Let me know what dresses you have your eyes on!

Until next time Dolls!



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