Wireless Touch Screen LED Vanity Mirror

Wireless Touch Screen LED Vanity Mirror 
Goto Fine Wireless Touch Screen Vanity Mirror
Yes, I may just be a little vain. 😂 Especially now that I have a Touch Screen LED Vanity that is also wireless. So, that makes it a battery operated vanity that is easily transportable.
I received mine from Amazon. As of today, it’s sold out but just keep checking to see when it’s in stock and add it to your Amazon wish list for easy finding later.
I love that I can move it around my vanity without that pesky wire in the way.

It also has a little 10 x magnifier mirror that you can also put anywhere on the actual vanity mirror. It has two little suction cups in the back of the little circular 10x magnifier mirror.  I use it for plucking my eyebrow hair strays.  Those pesky lil things them.
Touch screen vanity mirror,
It has 8 LED lights along the two sides and the little circle on the bottom in the middle is where you touch with your finger or your knuckle if you have foundation on your fingers.
Touch screen vanity mirror
I can even bring this along with me to work and put it on my desk.  Let’s face it, you don’t want to walk around with anything in your teeth or any smudges on your face.
Touch screen vanity mirror
It even haves a little area on the stand piece that you can store your most reached items like lipsticks, eyeliner, lipglosses, etc.  It’s really all up to you.
Here’s a little bit about the Product:
  • Built-in light-emitting diode 16pcs LED light, satisfying makeup needs all day long, even at nights.Built-in light-emitting diode 16pcs LED light, satisfying makeup needs all day long, even at nights.
  • 180° rotatable, can fix at any position.
  • Controlled by touch sensor switch, turning on/off LED lights whenever you want.
  • Desktop standable with detachable base.
  • Size: 10.7H*6.5L*4.7W inches. Net weight: 0.4kg.
How to use:
1. Find the two components of the mirror in the white box, mount the mirror on the base before use.
2. Before inserting the batteries, make sure that the switch is in the OFF position. Open the battery compartment located on the back and insert 4 AA batteries. Close the cover.
3. Before touch the sensor switch, make sure that the ON/OFF Button is in the ON position.
4. Touch the sensor switch, and the lights with be lighted.
5. Touch the sensor switch again, and the lights will be off.
6. Press the Switch button to OFF position to save power after you finish use.
So yeah, I’m enjoying this lil baby now.
Until Next Time Dolls

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  1. oh my!! I want!! I always need mirrors! I have a huge bathroom mirror, plus one I bought that hangs over the bathroom door! I also have a beautiful little mirror that is two sided. I like this one too!

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