Zoya Nail Polish and Nail Treatments

Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the Zoya 2014 Spring Naturel Collection and Zoya’s Nail Treatments.

oya nail polish and treatments

If you’ve been following my posts about Zoya nail polishes, then you’ve seen that I fell in love with the colors of the Naturel collection because these are all colors that I can wear in my uniform at work.  Due to me being in the military,  we have to wear neutral colors that sets the professional image and to be able to feel feminine at the same time.  If I have to wear combat boots all day, I want to feel like a woman as well.

Enough about that.

I purchased the Zoya Naturel collection once it hit online!

I have worn each color from the nail collection at least once.

I also have the Zoya Color Lock Nail Treatment System and used it with each color from the Naturel collection.

In the Naturel Nail collection the colors are from Left to Right in the picture above on the top shelf are:  Chantel, Taylor, Rue, Brigitte, Odette, and Normani

The Color Lock Nail Treatment System on the bottom shelf from the picture above from Left to Right consists of: Anchor,  Get Even, Armor,  Fast Drops, and Renew.

Now I wore each of the colors for at least a week. I get a little antsy with switching up the colors because I don’t like to have on the same color for long. Without the Color Lock System on my nails, I had some chipping.  Not a lot but there were some.  With the Color Lock System,  there were no chipping but slight fading at the tips from typing and everyday dealings.

With the Taylor nail polish, there was some bubbling with the Color Lock System, but with just the color, it didn’t bubble.   So, I think something with the Taylor nail polish and the Color Lock System just don’t get along with each other.  I tried that twice and the same results happened with the bubbling.

My favorite color from the Zoya Naturel collection is Normani.

 Zoya NormaniZoya Normanizoya normanizoya normanizoya Normani

Overall, I’m in love with this collection and I would and have recommend it to others, especially women in the military.

I used two coats for a full opaque coverage.

Make sure you search my other posts on the Zoya Naturel collection here on the website.

Until next time Dolls!



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