Zoya nail polish in Roxy

Zoya nail polish in Roxy

Roxy nail polish Zoya

Here are a few pictures of my Zoya Roxy nail polish. I’m loving this color!

This is with two (2) coats of it on plus a coat of the Zoya Armor top coat.

With only one coat of the Zoya Roxy, it’s very sheer, but if you put the second coat on, you will get the true bottle color. When the second coat of the Roxy nail polish sets, it doesn’t have the shininess so you have to put on a top coat to get the full effect.

I just wish that I could wear this color nail polish in my military uniform but I can’t so I can I only enjoy these colors when I’m off.

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Until Next time Dolls!

Let me know what you think. Would you rock the Zoya Roxy color?




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