Zoya Naked Lavender Perfector Review

2015 Allure Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award Winner!

Zoya Naked Manicure Lavender Perfector

Zoya Naked Perfector

The Zoya Naked Manicure Lavender Perfector is ideal for neutralizing discoloration and adding a cooler base* for any of the other Naked Manicure shades. *Corrective color should be applied first.

When this baby first launched I was so excited to give it a try.  I have discoloration to my nails so I had to get this.  It seriously does instantly change the look of my nails.

Here are my nails bare in all its discoloredness.  I don’t even think that is a word but hey I’m going to use it anyways.

Zoya Naked Perfector


I know, it’s know, it’s so not cute going bare with my nails looking like this. So now you see why I had to get this baby when it first launched.  As you can see, I have some major yellow discoloration going on with my nails.

Zoya came out with a whole Naked collection but this is baby that I had to get first.

Zoya has a step by step, but I’m a simple girl so all I did was clean up my nails with my beloved Zoya Nail polish remover and apply two coats of the Zoya Naked Lavender Perfector and voila…

Zoya Naked Perfector

Zoya Naked Lavender Perfector instantly changed the look of my nails for the better.


Here’s a side by side so you can see the difference.

Zoya Naked Perfector results

Now if you want to get the whole Zoya Naked Manicure collection, this is Zoya’s step by step instructions.

1. Prep the nail by shaping, gently buffing and cleaning up cuticles.

2. Apply Naked manicure Naked Base (basecoat).

3. Select the Naked Manicure Perfector first coat. Use lavender for discoloration. If layering more than one shade, use the brighter/stronger shade first.

4. Apply the selected Naked Manicure Perfector second coat. If between shades, the second coat is for the color that softens or tones the base color.

5. Apply Naked Manicure Tip Perfector along free edge of the nail to brighten, fill and finish.

6. Activate Naked Manicure Satin Seal by gently rolling the bottle between hands for twenty seconds.

7. Apply one coat of Naked Manicure Satin Seal to blend, blur and seal the look creating the closest ever natural nail finish (compatible with fast drops).

8. For an optional shiny finish, apply one coat of Naked Manicure Glossy Seal over Satin Seal (compatible with fast drops.)

The NAKED MANICURE system works by instantly correcting cosmetic nail problems and delivering therapeutic benefits to nails long-term.

INSTANT RESULTS are obtained through the use of the NAKED MANICURE Perfectors. The six Perfectors use optical diffusers, keratin fillers, micronized reflective color pigments and micro thin-film formers to create an ultra sheer veil which ensures that the natural vibrancy of the nail is enhanced rather than concealed. The Perfectors contain a proprietary blend of finely ground pigments, vitamins and botanicals that also help to promote micro-circulation and oxygen exchange.

THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS are delivered through a meticulous blend of vitamins, proteins and botanicals carefully infused in the NAKED MANICURE  Treatments and Perfectors that help improve the condition and appearance of the nail.

So dolls, can you see the difference?

Have you tried any of Zoya’s Naked Manicure collection?

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